BIOAQUA Facial Foundation (BB Cream + Primer Base)

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Red Naked Makeup BB Cream
Light texture,thin,delicate,such as glow silk like smooth close to the skin,the skin natural and refreshing,cover blemish whitening,moisturizing,hidden defects.Easy to have a "flawless" nude,skin water.Runming beautiful nude makeup of your skin,like a baby smooth.

-Blue Base Makeup Primer
With the modification and protection of the skin care before the makeup.Thin and create a moist skin. Natural sijun make skin fresh and beautiful texture.Isolation make-up and environmental pollution damage.Plant formula and mineral ingredients with moisturizing,soft skin effect.

Fresh Naked Makeup
Step 1:Evenly apply the red tube BB cream. Skin exposed to bare makeup at once!
Step 2:Absorb the blue tube 1-2 minutes, the skin showing water, silky, invisible pores!
Brightening Concealer
Step 1: Red tube and blue light squeeze two drops, mixed evenly applied to the face.
Step 2: Coated with a layer of blue tube, not mess up,appear bright skin concealer.

Package Content:1 x BIOAQUA BB Cream

Benefit: Pores, Whitening, Acne/Spot Removing, Concealer, Oil-control, Antibacterial and Antiinflammatory, Hydrating, Brighten, Moisturizer, Sun Block, Antioxidant, Nutritious, Waterproof / Water-Resistant